March 29 2001

Another release - 0.9.904. This has a few fixes and a couple of cool additions... See the download page for more details.

There is an install and also a zipfile with the new files in it. Be warned that if you download the patch, you will need to follow the instructions in the zipfile for everything to work!
Both of these files are now available from the download page.
Also, the new install features the patch as outlined below.

Emulator import files too

1-UP can import emulator files (complete setups for an emulator). I've exported my current list and uploaded them for anyone who wants them. Again, get these from the download page.

March 21 2001

For those of you experiencing the 372 runtime error when 1-UP attempts to start, please note there is a fix in the works. I have sent a patch file out to users who had reported the issue and will update the install/add a proper patch file when I know it works.

If you can't wait until then, download this file and do the following:
  1. Make sure no programs are running.
  2. Open the run dialog (start -> run) or Windows key & "R". Type "REGSVR32 /u richt32.ocx". Click OK or press return.
  3. Extract the files to your system directory (system on Windows 95/98/Me, system32 on WinNT & Win 2000).
  4. Open the run dialog (start -> run) or Windows key & "R". Type "REGSVR32 richt32.ocx". Click OK or press return.
  5. Restart 1-UP.
Please bear in mind that this worked for me when I reproduced the problem, but it is an unconfirmed fix.

March 13 2001

A tiny update - there's now a counter at the bottom of the page.

March 12 2001

It's official, 1-UP is alive!

Okay, so I've been very lazy not updating this page in over a year, but I'm back and so is 1-UP! Thanks to the hundreds of emails I had from people asking if I'd quit the project. I've just had an awful lot (but not awful!) going on in my life; buying a house, becoming a father for the first time (that was -and still is - fantastic!). Never the less, the latest version is now available from the download page.
To those of you who sent in suggestions & requests, I hope you find that I have listened!

The new look of the main window

To see what's new visit the download page.

A move?

1-UP is now hosted at Retrogames (as you should know since you're here!). Thanks to Atila who sorted me out and many thanks to the hosts themselves!. It does mean that there will be a banner here now, but the download problems should now go away.

The old address will simply re-direct here in a couple of days time (I have to update it with a crap connection). I apologise for anything that's out-of-date on the site - this will be fixed in the next couple of days!

MAME.DK - A tribute

I just wanted to thank the guys who ran for a superb site - this could be a very sad time for emulation.

What happened to the 3D arcade then?

I got stuck with loading textured meshes in (this was tricky in DX-7). However, in DX-8 it is a simple process (there's even an example by Microsoft!). It is still my plan to do this, but 1-UP is just a project I do in my spare time. In the last year I have concentrated the time spent on 1-UP to the main program. My view now is that there are no major re-works to be done with the main program - I have some plans for new features but I am planning on "finishing" 1-UP. This doesn't mean there will never be new versions; it just means that I don't intend on major re-writes of large code sections again.

There are bound to be a few bugs in this release so I am going to concentrate on fixing those first, but I am planning on spending time on the 3D arcade in the very near future. Stay tuned!

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