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1-UP 0.9.904

 ? 1-up installer.exe (5,354KB)

0.9.903 to 0.9.904 patch -  ?  (1,035KB)

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This self-extracting install will give you:

  1. The main program.
  2. MAMEInfo21RF (See below).
  3. Pre-built emulator import files for: MAME, Raine, Fellow, ZSNES, RockNES, WinUAE, Magic Engine, KGen 98, Gens, X128, ZX32 and more (remember, any emulator can be managed by 1-UP).
  4. 2 icons to associate to any emulator you choose. You can download a complete set (80 icons) here.
  5. Full on-line help.

Bug fixes in this release:

  1. If you had more than 1 media item associated with a game and there was a comma in the filename or name 1-UP would report that the games.1up file was corrupt.
  2. 0.9.903 didn't display the file that was chosen for extraction in the detected games list. This only applied to games associated with single image emulators.
  3. Fixed the tab order in the "Media location" window.
  4. 1-UP's icon (the soldier from Commando) has been updated so there is also a 32*32 pixel version.
  5. I found a subscript out of range if you selected an emulator in the emulator manager window that had no parameters added one and then clicked the "Edit" button.

New features in this release:

  1. You can create make a game "stand-alone" by highlighting it and selecting "Generate stand-alone shortcut and data" from the tools menu.
  2. The task wizard now has two pages - I thought it looked a little cluttered.
  3. The help file was updated to reflect the changes. Also, I made a few minor amendments.
  4. The emulator import wizard (CTRL + E) now asks for an alternate .exe for the emulator you are importing. Please note that this is optional so you can simply skip this if you don't have an alternate exe.

Other files

Here are some files to make the 1-UP experience even more enjoyable:

Emulator resources

Rather than bloat the main download further, the emulator icons have been removed and are now only available as a seperate download. (86K) - 80 Additional icons to associate to emulators in 1-UP.

20 new emulator import files (added 29/03/2001). Use the import/export wizard to add these emulators to your 1-UP database. (200K) - 80 Additional icons to associate to emulators in 1-UP.

These files can be used in 1-UP to automatically detect game names from filenames & also game information (manufacturer, year, etc.). (45K) - The matching resource file for DOS MAME37b13. (2,420K) - an HTML read me for EVERY game supported by DOS MAME37b13. These are generated by MAMEInfo21RF (included in the main 1-UP download). Only download this if you don't want to generate them yourself (it's quite slow on slow computers!). See an example here.

Hhupd.exe (705K) - If the online help doesn't start ensure that you have the HTML Help reader available from this link.

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Other Language Files

The translations will be available shortly.
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1-UP Localiser

The (46K) This allows you to transalate 1-UP easily.
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Screen shots

Those who have visited this site in the past will probably be aware that I used to have screen shots for all Raine & MAME games available here.

Due to the reduced amount of spare time I now have, I don't have the time to maintain a current database of screen shots. I've got something I'm working on, but in the meantime, there is a site at Retrogames that has a complete set.
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