3D Information & Status

This page details who is working on what objects, what is complete and will feature previews of them shortly.

Check out the progress page for the latest screen shots of the 3D arcade in action!

ArtistWorking OnStatus
Shaun StephensonDefender & other Williams cabinetsDefender, Robotron & Sinistar completed
Atari vector cabinetsCocktail Asteroids & upright Star Wars completed
Generic Fighting cabinets2 & 4 Player each with 1>4 buttons each completed (8 cabinets)
Miscellaneous cabinetsCentipede, Galaxian, Gorf & Pong completed
Tony SalvaggioPac-Man, Tronunknown
Jan KieferMarble Madnessunknown
David Gilundecidedunknown
Daniel Shuttundecidedunknown
Alex Ramsayundecidedunknown
Don Grecosundecidedunknown
Paul Candlerundecidedunknown
Harry LowOut Run & Chase HQunknown
John GagnonTrack & Fieldsubmitted

3D Arcade Features

People have been asking questions about the under-development 3-D arcade. Below is a quick list of the functionality:
  1. You will be able to assign any 3-D object to any game in 1-UP.

  2. MIDI files and samples will also be assignable.

  3. Each arcade will be either built by the user using a top-down view, adding each game in turn, or by running an import wizard to set up an arcade.

  4. Hopefully there will be static objects (such as bins, change machines, etc.) to place into the arcades.

  5. Different arcades will be linkable to each other. This means that you can link arcades of different eras, maybe have an arcade with just your favourites in, etc.

  6. More features that I can't remember as I type this...