1-UP Development Progress

A word of warning

The 3D Arcade is still being worked on but don't expect it in the next few months. I get about 1.5 hours a day on a train to work on it & 1-UP - my family are my top priority.

06/02/2000 - A sneak preview

If you didn't read on the news page, I've had about a week off from 1-UP to take care of my company & for a rest; I feel like I've got some energy now...

Shaun sent me a rendered picture of the Gorf cabinet (as I'm working on parsing the .x files myself I'll need to know that things worked correctly). It looks so good I thought I'd share it with you... Bear in mind that this is rendered by Soft Image, NOT Direct-X. The real-time version will look VERY close to this...

A textured Gorf cabinet

20/01/2000 - Further progress

After being delayed by work and life in general (yes, I do have one!), I've made quite a few nice bits of progress. Briefly, these are:

I've begun altering the engine so that it can handle more than one object
I'm finally beginning to remember all the things my maths teachers were waffling on about when I was at school (with the help of some really good books)
Lighting is coming on well - There are still a few issues that I now think are related to how I've initialised the Direct-X objects.
Movement in 3D space is working correctly now (thanks to the books I've bought). Previously, the objects themselves were being rotated :)
My understanding of Direct-X in general is improving all the time.
I'll be working on adding the floor tomorrow, so check back for some more pictures then.

I've had a few problems with texture mapping on objects - although this is only a temporary set-back, I had hoped to be able to get this working by now...

The models in the pictures are: Star Wars (Upright), Defender, Generic Fighting (2 player with 3 buttons each) and the Asteroids Cocktail version.

You probably couldn't care less about what's going on behind the scenes, so here are some pictures:

Three cabinets all together The same cabinets from a different view The same cabinets from another different view The same cabinets from yet another different view

08/01/2000 - More pictures

Over this weekend, I'll be concetrating on the 3-D engine - adding textures and investigating lighting too. I'll post an update on Monday. Shaun sent an Asteroids Cabinet:

A preview of the asteroids cocktail cabinet Another preview of the asteroids cocktail cabinet

06/01/2000 - 3D A go-go!

When I asked if any 3D artists would help I really didn't expect anyone to offer - I've never been so glad to be wrong :)

Below are two screen shots from a quick program I've written to view the 3D files 1-UP will use. A big hand should go to Shaun Stephenson for building this model of the Defender cabinet so quickly. Remember - there are no textures on this model and the lighting is rubbish, but I thought I'd post a couple of images to whet the appetite! When it's all finished it will look so much better than this...

A preview of the defender cabinet

Another preview of the defender cabinet