What are the key features of 1-UP?

Below is a brief summary of some of the key features of 1-UP (you can't expect me to remember them all can you??):
  1. You can use 1-UP with any emulator currently released or that will be released in the future.

  2. Any changes to an emulator's command-line interface or configuration file can be changed by the user or updated using tiny (less than 3K) datafiles that will be available for download from this site.

  3. Emulator import functionality - no need to manually add all the parameters you want to; simply import the relevent datafile. Many come with the standard install of 1-UP, many more will be made available from this website.

  4. You can make a games "favourites" which are displayed seperately.

  5. Full information about a game can be stored (manufacturer, year, origin, your rating of it, etc.)

  6. 1-UP can run "function parameters", enabling it to verify ROMsets, generating real-name resource files, etc.

  7. A Multi-Add wizard that allows you to add 1000's of games in a matter of minutes. This wizard can name games based on filenames (for MAME, etc.) or by CRC of the ROM file (such as SNES or Mega Drive). Automatic searching for game-related media in this process gives you a complete setup within moments.

  8. Fully integrated zip support. No need to use PKUNZIP.

  9. Support for a multitude of image formats: .bmp,.jpg,.pcx,.png,.tif.

  10. The ability to display pictures, text, HTML, audio & video from within the application.

  11. An ergonomic interface with more options than you can shake a large stick at.

  12. 1-UP will work in any language you choose although the current release supports British english. You can create your own language resources without needing a new version of 1-UP!

What the future holds

1-UP isn't going to stand still, whilst there are many tweaks and minor features that are planned, the following are planned in the future:
  1. Cabinet support. Use 1-UP without a mouse or keyboard - joystick support.

  2. 3-D Arcade. What is 3-D arcade? Select a cabinet, place it in your arcade and then walk up to the arcade game to play it!